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Your event free of Covid-19.

Clinica Mayor team offers a professional, safe and fast service in COVID-19 tests for business events, convections and conferences.

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How do we perform the service?

Step 1

We carry out the service at events inside and outside the Community of Madrid, with peninsular coverage. For events outside the Community of Madrid we need the service to be contracted at least 15 days in advance.

Step 2

Once the service is contracted, we will see with you the logistics of your event to plan the tests.

Step 3

You can select if you prefer to carried out the tests in one of our clinics or at the event site.

Step 4

You can also choose if the payment will be made by the event organizers, by the guests, or it will be distributed between both parties.

Step 5

On the event day, at the entrance, we will install all the necessary material and the staff will carry out tests as the guests arrive.

Step 6

Once the result of each guest is obtained (in a maximum of 20 minutes), and provided that it is negative, each guest will be provided with a green bracelet accrediting it.


We carry out tests from Monday to Sunday, from 08:00 to 20:00.

Test types

We can perform three types of tests: PCR, antigens or Lamp (similar to a PCR but with faster results).


Depending on the test: antigens in 20 minutes, Lamp between 1-6 hours and PCR in 24 hours.


The samples are taken by trained health staff and analyzed in our own laboratory.

Do you want to meet us and try our service?
You can visit Clínica Mayor to take a physical test, see more information here.

PCR test from 49.95 euros/person*

*LAMP-RT test, only companies and groups.

All the results issued by Clínica Mayor are certified and validated by medical staff.

Antigen results will be delivered in person, while PCR and Lamp test results will be delivered by email.

All the results will be delivered in two languages (Spanish and English).

Weddings and family events

Enjoy a special day with your loved ones safely and quietly

Thanks to our COVID-19 detection services at events, you can guarantee that all guests have an unforgettable evening.

We offer a 100% customizable service, from the number of guests and the location, to the time and advance with which to collect the samples.

In turn, we will accompany and advise you throughout the process to respect the recommended health protocols.

Ask for information

For more information on prices and conditions of COVID-19 testing at events and companies you can:

Write us an email to 

Call or send a whatsapp to 624298191

Fill in the form that you will find below.

Clínica Mayor Barajas:
Plaza Mayor de Barajas, 17, 28042, Madrid
663 32 33 00

Clínica Mayor Torrejón:
C/ Puerto de la Bonaigua, 4, 1-B, 28850 Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid
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